“Jeff is a true professional in every sense of the word and he is a pleasure to work with. He listens carefully to his client’s ideas and goals for the artwork and communicates with his client as the process moves forward. His creativity and attention to detail is superior and he produces the final product in a timely manner. I could not have been more pleased with the beauty and originality of his artwork.”

Ann Marie Ludlow | Chester Springs, PA


“Jeff Mattia is a rare talent, combining creative brilliance with practical sensibilities. In close partnership with his clients, Jeff takes vague concepts and transforms them into custom artwork, reflecting their own unique character and personality. With an expert eye for color selection and layering, Jeff leverages a number of mediums – including acrylic and watercolor paints, along with inks. His ability to instantly comprehend the type of art that will complement a given room, wall space or furniture arrangement is unparalleled. Jeff’s artwork is imbued with whimsy and fun, while registering a high level of sophistication. His creations regularly become the conversation piece of the space!”

Jen Ludlow Marchinowski | Berwyn,  PA


I was introduced to Jeff through a mutual friend who happens to be a decorator.  She was helping me decorate our new house with a lot of blank spaces and knew Jeff could help personalize our home with his amazing artistry.  Our first project included a family medallion which intricately and beautifully incorporated dates of importance, our children, and values of our family.  This custom artwork is framed above our fireplace mantel and quite frankly, steals the show.  It is the focus point everyone raves about when they enter our home…especially when they realize it is personalized with our family story.

Next, Jeff created name pieces for each of our four children.  These fun, whimsical forms illustrate the (very different) personalities and interests of our kids.  Our eight year old recently pointed them out to someone on a tour of the house as his, “favorite part of the house.”  They will certainly be wonderful keepsakes as our children grow and we remember them at this stage and can compare interests past and present.

As I mentioned, we had a lot of blank space in the home and at one meeting, Jeff threw out the idea of a mural.  Having seen what he had done so far and completely trusting his abilities, I said, “sure!”  We discussed several options and agreed upon a silhouette of our parish church (which is also our children’s school), something very dear to us.  We have incorporated the kids’ school photos into the piece and will be “decorating” the mural seasonally – heart garland for Valentine’s, Christmas lights, etc.  It makes me smile every day and adds a very different feel than a framed piece of art.  We love the wow factor!

I cannot say enough positive things about Jeff’s work, but even more important is that he is truly a wonderful person.  He is so likable, responsive, makes himself available and works under very reasonable timelines.  Many times we’d have an appointment to discuss a piece he was working on and I would ask his opinion on furniture, pillows, anything really, and he’d generously give me his advice.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know him and consider him a friend.  Each time we talk I tell him I will certainly be finding more projects for him in the future.

Amy Polizzi | Malvern, PA


Working with Jeff was an exciting creative endeavor. He was able to take my ideas and create something beautiful – a work of art – out of them. He does this seemingly effortlessly, although I do know he spends a lot of time making ot just right. He works his magic with that paintbrush! It is such a worthy venture I have chosen to engage in again and again.”

Amy Barrickman – Barrickman Design Group – Ardmore, PA


“Jeff has done it again! I threw him a curveball, and he hit a homerun! For my husband’s birthday I knew I wanted to have a portrait made of our house and family and went right to Jeff. He sent me sketches and versions throughout the process and asked for feedback. His level of percision, perfection and professionalism is impeccable. He delivered exactly when  he said he would and I (and my husband) couldn’t be happier. We have the most beautiful painting of our home that is now proudly displayed in our living room (highest honor). I will certainly have Jeff do more work for both myself and recommend him to others” 

Meredith Miller – Villanova, PA


“We’re so thrilled we found Jeffrey Mattia’s website when looking for someone to create a custom painting for our family. He was responsive on email and great to work with. We didn’t know exactly what we wanted at the onset and he guided us through the process, making great suggestions regarding the design and color palette along the way. Even though all our communication was through email, the process was very collaborative, and Jeff was able to visualize our somewhat abstract ideas.                                    

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome. The family value painting that Jeffrey created for us is the centerpiece of our kitchen and dining area. It came out even better than we imagined it could.        

We hope to be able to work Jeffrey again in the future on another personalized piece of art for our home. In the meantime, we get to appreciate his latest works on Instagram.”

James and Lisa, NY


I found Jeff on Instagram and am so happy I did! Working with him was so easy. I mailed him color swatches and he sent me a few ideas. We narrowed them down quickly and then he created a gorgeous painting that looks amazing in my living room. 

Jeff is easy to work with and just a nice guy. We stood in a parking lot talking for an hour and we could have talked another hour if it hadn’t been 100 degrees out. 

 I loved working with him and know I will have him do more work for me!”

Susan Cleary – Wilmington, DE

Jeff and I have been friends since high school. When I learned he’d branched out on his own, I jumped at asking him to paint a gift for my husband.

I didn’t have a good idea of what I wanted other than that we needed a painting for over our fireplace in our Maryland cottage and my husband loves fishing. I especially likes Jeff’s golf painting I’d seen on his website, with the colorful, abstract design. 

Jeff asked for photos of the living room and got back to me with a color palette. He was terrific at asking questions to determine our taste. Having no art background, I truly appreciated his suggestions and was grateful he didn’t make me feel intimidated by the process. Jeff and I discussed his ideas and brainstormed a bit, then he sent me photos as the painting progressed and asked for feedback. It was such an easy process. We just emailed back and fourth (so it was easy to keep the painting a surprise). I was so excited to give the painting to my husband Dave!

It fits perfectly over our fireplace and the colors pop out while blending beautifully with the room. It’s a wonderful conversation piece and I love the whimsical nature with the crabs in the midst of the fishing rods and fish. Our painting is meaningful as well as beautiful and fun!

I can recommend Jeff enough! He’s tremendously talented and a fabulously easy to work with.”

Kelly Ennis – Downingtown, Pa & Cambridge, Maryland

“After seeing Jeff’s work on a friend’s Facebook page I decided to reach out to him and have a piece created for our fifth anniversary. The entire experience, from start to finish, was not only easy , but fun! Jeff is very responsive to email and his creativity has no bounds. Based on a short narrative abut our lives together, Jeff made a piece that described us to a tee – he even came up with things I forgot or wouldn’t have thought to include (like the logo of the company we met at!) And the colors!! I loved both options Jeff sent, but ultimately am thrilled with the beautiful blues and greens that make up the piece. I am so excited to get it framed and have it hanging in our home where I can stare at it nonstop. Even though I know every thing that is in it, I still get giddy when I see our little hidden images, especially because they’re so meaningful to our lives together. Thanks Jeff.”

Erin O’Brien – King of Prussia, PA

“I am thrilled with the pieces Jeff made for my master bedroom. He was so easy to work with- he guided me through the process and was open to any suggestions I had. He is very talented and a true professional.”

Melissa Charlesworth – Wynnewood, PA

“Jeff is FABULOUS! He designed a custom painting for my nephew’s wedding, incorporating about 15 meaningful items into the scene. Jeff is very easy to work with, fun and extremely interested in high quality customer service. He aims to please and is a delightful man. Highly recommended! Framer’s Market Gallery in Malvern, one of the sites Jeff showcases his work, provided excellent framing. Jeff Mattia provides a quick, easy and unique gift.

Becky Austill-Clausen – Chester County, PA

“Thank you so much for the gorgeous artwork. This will be a family treasure for years to come. It was a pleasure working with you. We wish you nothing but happiness and success – you are truly talented.”

Robin Kane Sprague – Bethesda, Maryland