JeffreyJMattiaAmerican artist Jeffrey J. Mattia, born and raised in West Chester, Pennsylvania, is a fine artist and designer working with many mediums including acrylics, water colors, ink and pencils.

For the majority of his professional career, Jeff, as he is known by friends and clients, worked as a print designer for the fashion and lifestyle brand, Lilly Pulitzer.  Charged with designing colorful prints and patterns for four [seasonal] clothing lines a year, after sixteen years at Lilly Pulitzer, you’re sure to see Jeff’s designs being proudly worn by thousands of women, men and children around the world.  Jeff drew a lot of his inspiration from the time spent with Lilly in her home, often referred to as “The Jungle,” in Palm Beach, Florida.

For years, Jeff has been creating custom artwork for friends by request and now he’s able to dedicate his talents to doing this full time. With his strong eye for color, Jeff is able to create custom colors for many of his client’s pieces. He loves working on private, commissioned pieces where he is able to bring his client’s words to life. “Works of art aren’t made, they’re experienced” is his motto.

Jeff, a graduate of Kutztown University, graduating with a degree in Fine Arts, is married and has two children. He lives with his family in the beautiful rolling hills of Chester Springs, Pennsylvania.